Tuesday, September 2, 2008


...either the road or the tyres

either the falling leaf or my hair

either the horizon or speedo needle

either landscape in rvm or fuel

either the turns or my grip

either gravel or heed... at times

either clouds or air through helmet

either fuel stations or soul

either slow four wheels or me

closing in
either me or the tank

either distance or desire to ride


Monday, June 9, 2008

catch some shade...

... I thought
as it was hot sunny
‘Trees’ seemed a good scheme
But they don’t seed them
along the fastest lane

poles are poles apart
too thin to cast shadow
here's a small iron bridge
but for few stout girders
I, with my ride wont trudge

ah! there’s this tall truck
‘moving’ shade while moving
yes, far more better
soon in shadow of raised road
it went down the flyover

someone told him so
so he came dragging the dark patch
this white hovering boon
its some form of water they say
so the shade is cool i reckon

‘you won’t catch up
the cabby said
'they sprint up there insane'
but I easily did
as I was on the fastest lane

- gaurav

white stripes...

...coming under the front wheel
one behind the other
and the other in front of it
slowly merging
into one gapless white line
or maybe grey,
trees coming as close
to form a hedge,
tears not staying too long onto cheek
flying or drying, I don’t know,
collar corners fluttering
beating on neck
turning the skin red on spot,
engine going silent
maybe wind filling the ears
blocking the motor noise,
oh! I reached here so soon,
the line broke as I slowed down
perforations re-appear
white thread got stitched
into black cloth, again
no wonder
I was speeding